Nemaha County Jail, Seneca, Kansas

  The Old Nemaha County Jail  and Sheriff's Residence is not the home of the  Sheriff any more but the  Nemaha County Historical Society.  This building was constructed in 1879 and served as the County Jail until 1977.   The oldest sheriffs residence and jail standing in Kansas is located at 112 North Sixth Street in Seneca. The Nemaha County Jail and Sheriff's Residence was recognized for its importance to the community, state and nation when it was accepted to the Kansas State Historic Registry on November 8, 2003.  Click on picture to see this  building  as it is  today in  2004. The cupola is missing and it was likely taken off in the tornado of 1896, just a  guess as every other cupola  or steeple  in the area was removed.  Historical Review may be seen on this web page.. .