Farewell to Our School

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A time to Remember


      It was a time to remember, a time to feel sad along with a time to feel hopeful, and thankful. This was the way the feelings of the day were expressed on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at the sight of the burned out Grade School of District 442.  It was a time to remember all the pleasant memories that were part of its history. There were many who were sad as they would never be able to walk down the halls again. It was a day to reminisce about the years spent there; whether it was learning and growing up or teaching and remembering all the things that happened in the 69 years this building was a school.   To many it had been their second home.  It will take several generations for the community to feel the same about the next building. It is good that there is no one to blame for the tragedy that took our school we love. It has been great to watch the community pull together and it shows us that there are good people living in Seneca.

      The community gathered to bid farewell to a school that many felt sad about giving up.  Schools are special and it is not easy to let them go. It was the same when some of us had to give up the little Old Country Schools back in the 30s and 40s. Now that they are gone we are sad that we can not enter the by-gone days to remember the good times there.   Those who did not attend those little country schools have missed the good old days.  We have the same feelings today when our schools are destroyed.  However, we must bid farewell to a building in which we spent a lot of time and have many fond memories. We can not walk through the doors or halls again but we can remember the good old days. I saw many, who had tears in their eyes as part of what they loved is gone.

      A thought occurred to me as I was taking these pictures and saw nails lying on the ground.  Some of the early settlers of this land had to burn their homes and buildings when moving on to the west so that they could pick up the nails for the next home. We have grown into a throw-away society now and we do not pick up the nails any more.  Many people cherish and spend a lot of time and money to restore what they love.  Look at the cars that show up at the annual car show each summer.  Many people will spend more than the original cost to restore a home, auto, or tractor that is dear to them.  My daughter traveled to Germany to help restore a 300 year old home a friend inherited and made it a labor of love. 

      We will survive the lost of this school and it will make us stronger.  It is good that we feel sad about losing precious things for that is Godís way of making us appreciate the things he has given us in this life. These things are only ours for a time. May we never be so cold that we do not feel sad when something or someone we love leaves us.

A new school will replace this one and it will also be loved.       

                                                              Ken Stallbaumer




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